Next Generation
Talent Decisions

Make the best selection decisions, every time.

Proven science will help you consistently hire the best people, accurately identify high-potentials, make succession planning work - and much more.

Consistent Performance

Consistent Performance

Use science to predict likely future performance and find the best-fit candidates quickly and easily.


Consistent Performance

Ensure the right people are in the right roles; when this happens, they stay.

Increased Engagement

Consistent Performance

When you help the right people land the right jobs, they will be engaged.

Lower Recruitment Costs

Consistent Performance

Avoid mis-hires and reduce repeated recruitment for the same position. Cut way back on false positives and false negatives.

Tambora's solutions bring proven science to the selection process, to ensure the right people are in the right role at the right time. Our solutions focus on two main areas - Talent Acquisition and Talent Management.

How it works

Tambora blends proven science with what’s important to your organization and your employees - matching the right people to opportunities.

Step 1

Define the roles and culture of your organization

Step 2


Step 3

Build profiles

Step 4

Comparison & Matching

Step 5

Engage employees

The Results

Retention. Engagement. Performance.

Customers and partners who have benefited from our selection and talent management solutions:

Career Builder
Societe Generale
McGraw Hill
University of Phoenix
Indiana University