Tambora Volcano

Why Tambora?

In late 2016 Zapoint & MatchPoint Careers merged to form Tambora Software, a new leading provider of employee engagement solutions.

Tambora combines advanced predictive technology with robust satisfaction, recognition and development tools, to help organizations make smarter selection decisions, leading to increased engagement, improved performance and stronger company culture.

Both Zapoint and Matchpoint focused on solutions to ensure organizations were able to identify and optimize the skills and competencies organizations need to fill key roles.

Zapoint’s focus has been to identify individuals’ past and present skills and competencies, helping employees to identify career paths and employers to develop succession plans.

Matchpoint’s capability is to predict the future potential of those same individuals, helping organizations to hire the right candidates and match the right pople to the right roles within the organization.

Together, as Tambora, we have the complete solution, providing analysis of the past, present and future of talent.

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Tambora Crater

The Name

Mount Tambora is a volcano that is also the highest peak on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa. Think 'volcanoes' and you think explosive energy. For millennia volcanoes were misunderstood and feared - the anger of the gods - until science explained them.

For us, Tambora represents power, science and innovation.

Mount Tambora blew its top in April 1815 in the largest volcanic eruption in recorded history. The weather worldwide following the eruption was so awful, so damp and depressive for so long, that a group of Romantic writers - Percy and Mary Shelley, Lord Byron and others - vacationing near Geneva, Switzerland the next summer, stayed indoors and entertained themselves by writing ghost stories. Among them: Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley.

Tambora can be, and is to us, a symbol of innovative inspiration.

The History

Zapoint Logo

Founded in March 2006, Zapoint develops career planning and learning technology that lets companies build more effective partnerships between HR and employees. Zapoint helps organizations engage, retain and develop their workforces, to sustain their competitive advantage.

How did the idea for Zapoint come about?

If there was a way to more objectively rank, search and match people’s skills and experiences with the requirements for a role, wouldn’t that make life a whole lot easier? That’s what we thought!

So at its conception, Zapoint developed a achievement-scoring algorithm, and patented ‘LifeChart’ that helped to analyze and graphically display an individual’s experience, and aggregate this data for departments and companies to help organizations develop skills inventories and gain instant insight into the strengths and gaps that exist within their workforce.

Over time this has evolved further to incorporate forward-looking features, enabling individuals to create career paths and companies to create succession plans, all based around dynamic and current profiles and data.

Transparency and Data:

Zapoint believes in a transparent approach to Career Management, where employees have access to all the tools and information they need to make more informed decisions to manage their careers. By helping employees to better understand the skill gaps between where they are now and where they want to be, and providing learning content to support this, Zapoint’s solutions help them to create actionable career plans.

On the flip side, organizations gain insight both into the skills and experience they already possess, and also where the critical gaps exist that may be stopping them from hitting their business objectives. By engaging their workforce in the career management process, organizations gain data that will help them make more informed talent management decisions.

Zapoint has taken this approach to develop its own proprietary solutions and has also worked with clients and partners to incorporate this approach in bespoke solutions to address their career management and development needs.

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Performance Prediction: Psychology and statistics, in one of the most compelling and promising Big Data/Big Analytics combinations, have generated deep insights into the drivers of high performance in jobs and how to assess those qualities in people.

We solve a big and growing problem:

Companies spend huge sums on recruitment. Well over one hundred billion dollars are spent annually recruiting and hiring employees. The average cost-per-hire of the 30+ million people who start new jobs at all levels in the United States every year is between $1,500 and $10,000; the cost-per-hire for the graduate population or for senior executives is much higher.

Seen from the employee perspective, the costs are just as high. The average job search time is seven and a half months, and the average worker will have to find a new job eleven times in his or her life. Universities and colleges are increasingly being judged on their ability to make their students workforce-ready rather than on traditional academic goals, so need to invest heavily at a time when state and endowment support is shrinking. As fees increase to make up the shortfall, student debt in the US has reached $1 trillion.

The return on this investment in recruitment and career preparation is deplorable. Thirty percent of business failures are due to hiring errors. Over half of new hires fail to achieve good ratings six months after hiring. Nearly half leave within the first 18 months. The average employee spends less than four years in a job, and over a quarter of all US workers have been with their current employer for less than a year. 80% of this failure is not due to skill deficits but because the new hire didn't fit in the organization.

Matchpoint reinvents recruitment and career choice by focusing on the science behind fit: accurate performance prediction. Our proprietary matching algorithms assess the fit between people and jobs, based on the results of the decades of research into the predictors of performance in thousands of roles.

Matchpoint both reduces the cost of recruiting and optimizes candidate-job fit. Our client companies spend less time and money hiring the best suited candidates, reduce turnover and dramatically increase productivity and profitability. Our client individuals and educational institutions get career guidance and support that helps them make the right career choices early, and gives them the targeted development support they need to perform highly in their future jobs.

We realize a compelling vision:

Matchpoint Careers was founded in order to enable the proven science of performance prediction to be accessible to all organizations and individuals. If the best performance predictors can be applied at scale, business efficiency and individual careers will be transformed. With this aim in mind, we constantly capture the stunning advances in psychometric science and internet reach and data processing capacity to make getting the right people in the right jobs easier, quicker and cheaper for everyone.

The Team

Richard Sucre

Richard sits on a number of Boards including Jose Cuervo and Retail Communicatios. He is a former Executive with Philip Morris and BAT and has over 40 years B2C and B2B experience.

Helly Fernandez

Helly has 38 years work experience, including working as the President of a bank in Venezuela, a Director at Arthur D Little and various roles managing banks and insurance companies in Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean. He is passionate about managing funds and investments as the CEO of HFF Investments Corp.

Chris Twyman

Born in the UK, Chris started his technology career in telecommunications, where he was a financial analyst for Telstra, in Australia. After that he joined Sybase where he defined and managed product development for their telecoms product range. Chris then joined Computer Associates to manage the marketing team for their database products. During this time Chris was on the divestment committee for a business unit that was sold to a Private Equity team in California.

Chris founded Zapoint after seeing an opportunity to improve efficiency in the way everyone manages HR processes. He pulled together a team of Mathematicians, HR and Recruiting executives to build the industry's first objective measurement tool for evaluating people. Launched in 2008, Zapoint has attracted both large and small customers in Europe and North and South America.

Chris has a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and a Master's degree in International Marketing along with an MBA from the ADL School of Management.

Joe Brooks

Joe joined Zapoint in November 2007 as the second full time employee in the US. Joe was initially working in Product Management and then as COO, overseeing the Product and Commercial teams, based in the US and Europe.

Joe has a Bachelor’s degree from University College London and an MBA from Hult International Business School in Boston.

Paul Basile

Prior to Matchpoint Careers, Co-Founder and CEO Paul Basile was involved in three other start-ups.

He has experience in both private and public sector organizations in professional services including strategy consulting and human capital management, as well as in energy, information technology, and aerospace. He has led six companies or business units, and has lived and worked in seven countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Prior has been President of DBM Europe; Managing Director of I to I Limited, a firm he created that provided outsourced marketing leadership to professional services firms in the UK and the US; President, Asia Pacific Region, for SHL plc; Vice President, Global Marketing and Global E-Business for Hay Group, Inc; Director of Global Marketing at The Boston Consulting Group; and President of Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), France and Vice President of CSC Europe. He has led divisions for a global energy organization, a European business school, and an international research institute.

Paul has written 13 chapters in books and over 20 magazine and newspaper articles. He recently completed a book on the management and marketing of global companies.

Alex Deva

Over the past couple of years, I've helped turn Zapoint from a small and simplistic site into a complex and powerful web-based tool. And this is still only the beginning!

Angus McDonald

Angus, our Chief Scientist, is responsible for the selection and development of our psychometric and other tests to ensure the integrity and validity of our intellectual property.

Prior to Matchpoint Careers, Angus spent over 15 years in psychology-based companies. He has led product design, development and marketing for psychometric and assessment firms; has carried out many leadership assessments as a consultant; and is author of numerous published tests and questionnaires. He is currently Chair of the British Psychological Society's Committee on Test Standards.