Tambora's solutions bring proven science to the selection process, to ensure the right people are in the right role at the right time. Our solutions focus on two main areas - Talent Acquisition and Talent Management.

Having employees in the wrong roles in your organization can be a costly mistake, both in terms of repeat hiring costs and lower performance.

The power of prediction

Whether hiring a new employee externally, or promoting an existing employee, predictive analytics can help identify the best candidates by predicting an individual’s likely future performance.


Studies repeatedly show that algorithms, even simple equations that synthesize applicant data and match them to job criteria, will outperform human decisions. Sophisticated algorithms dramatically improve hiring decisions.

Even people who know candidates well, or who have extra information, make poorer selections than algorithms. Often these people include factors that are irrelevant or only marginally relevant, or let their biases dominate.

We don't advocate removing humans from selection decisions entirely, but believe in supporting their making better decisions by using valid algorithms to assess and match candidates and generate a short list. The outcome? Better hiring results.


Tambora uses sophisticated algorithms and assessments - measuring technical skills, personality, cognitive skills, and fit for the job - to dramatically improve hiring decisions, helping HR and recruitment executives ensure the right people are in the right jobs.

Comprehensive profiles

Job profiles help employees understand which roles in their organization would be a good fit, helping them create aspirational career paths and helping employers develop effective succession plans.

Career visibility

Tambora helps employees plan their next career moves within the organization.

Succession planning

Tambora makes it easy for HR to identify the highest potential candidates to build effective succession plans.

Feedback and satisfaction

With Tambora, managers and peers can provide feedback, helping to identify high performers and potential mentors.

Increased retention

Engaged employees with clear career paths are less likely to look elsewhere for their next opportunity.